• If you are a food buyer, chef or shop owner, we want to meet you
    We source the finest Italian food and drink and work tirelessly to find the perfect partners for the brands we represent.

  • As product developers, we work with talented UK chefs to assist them in launching their own private label of Italian products.
    But that’s only a small part of what we do…

  • We speak the language – we can make sure your Italian product labels meet the UK food standards.
    Making sure that your products appeal to UK consumers.

  • We’re passionate, knowledgeable and, according to our clients, fun to work with.
    To find out everything we do – why not pop in for an espresso?


Beviamo Ltd, sourcing gourmet Italian produce for the food service industry

Gourmet italian food and drink

Beviamo Ltd is an Anglo-Italian company based in Cheshire.

We are specialist Italian Food and Drink consultants, using our knowledge and expertise to work with a high quality portfolio of Italian producers.

Beviamo Ltd offer a huge value to all the brands we represent because we spend a great deal of time researching the product and making sure it is ready for launch in the UK. Through our network of contacts, we open doors globally in emerging markets and have created opportunities in Asia, Middle East, Europe and America.

So for Italian Food and Drink producers, we can offer our full support in opening routes to market globally. We are members of the Italian Chamber of Commerce and the UKTI Passport to Export program and have the full support of both these organisations. By doing a huge amount of due diligence, marketing and research both about the brand and about the target destination for sales, we are confident we have everything in place to open the doors into the right sales channels.

Find out how Beviamo source gourmet Italian products

When I first mentioned my idea for importing high end, gourmet Italian food and drink, Lisa thought I was crazy. But once I started explaining how it would work and the products we would sell, she soon understood that the passion and knowledge we have would be key to our success…

Beviamo to me is a way of combining three areas which I am extremely passionate about. Italy, Food and Business. Having managerial roles within manufacturing, legal and IT sectors, I bring business acumen and strategic direction to the company. But there’s much more than that…

My first approach to Beviamo happened during the summer of 2011 when, after a few chats with Mike, I supported him with some translations and conversations in Italian. I thought straight away that it was a fantastic plan, something finally different in the world of catering and food industry…

Share in our passion – want to work with us?

We are keen to work with food buyers from all sectors of food service. Whether you are the owner of your own deli, restaurant, coffee shop or a buyer for a national chain of stores or food service, we want to work with you. Our aim is to be the “go-to” Italian food company. We can supply you with quality products from our existing range, or find you something new or unique for your customers.

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