• If you are a food buyer, chef or shop owner, we want to meet you
    We source and import the finest Italian food and drink.

  • As product developers, we work with talented UK chefs to assist them in launching their own private label of Italian products.
    But that’s only a small part of what we do…

  • We speak the language – we can make sure your Italian product labels meet the UK food standards.
    Making sure that your products appeal to UK consumers.

  • We’re passionate, knowledgeable and, according to our clients, fun to work with.
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Beviamo Ltd, sourcing gourmet Italian produce for the food service industry

Gourmet italian food and drink

Beviamo Ltd is an Anglo-Italian company who specialise in the supply of gourmet Italian food and drink.

What makes us different is our approach to the way we find our suppliers. We have sourced traditional, artisanal producers who create the finest food, using innovative modern techniques. Beviamo have strong working relationships with all our suppliers and we personally meet, inspect, and taste the quality products at the supplier’s production facility.

Beviamo work with leading Italian brands such as Bonajuto and Pastificio Dei Campi, as both wholesaler and sales agent. Using our product consultancy services we can provide our customers with advice on menus, product placement and promotional information. Assisting our Italian suppliers into the UK marketplace by offering language translation services, adhering to UK labelling standards. We have provided a bespoke service to some of our customers who have required private label as an addition to their own branded range.

Find out how Beviamo source gourmet Italian products


We can act as a UK wholesaler, importing products and keeping stock in the UK.

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Sales agent

Sometimes it makes more financial sense to work with our brands as a Sales Agent.

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Bonajuto Chocolates

Bonajuto was one of the first companies we contacted when we started our business...

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Working as a wholesaler or sales agent, Beviamo can provide an amazing range of innovative, artisinal Italian food and drink for the UK food service industry.

Utilising many years of experience in the Italian food industry, Beviamo has found a niche within the food service industry. By providing a wide range of food related services, we can work with any size of business, whether it’s customers in the UK or suppliers in Italy.

At Beviamo, we listen to our customers and try and tailor their needs and requirements to the services we offer. Product support is becoming increasingly important, with customers requiring more information about the food they are buying. We understand the importance of provenance, we understand that Italian products should be produced in the right regions. Maybe it’s pasta from Gragnano, balsamic vinegar from Modena, taralli from Puglia or pesto from Liguria, we have the knowledge and experience to find the best producer.

Our team based in Italy and the UK are continually finding new and innovative brands and products. Beviamo has a network of support throughout Italy, allowing us to find just what you are looking for as a food buyer. The relationships we have with our suppliers is akin to being a family, we support each other and have a single minded goal, to sell their amazing products in the UK.

When I first mentioned my idea for importing high end, gourmet Italian food and drink, Lisa thought I was crazy. But once I started explaining how it would work and the products we would sell, she soon understood that the passion and knowledge we have would be key to our success…

Beviamo to me is a way of combining three areas which I am extremely passionate about. Italy, Food and Business. Having managerial roles within manufacturing, legal and IT sectors, I bring business acumen and strategic direction to the company. But there’s much more than that…

My first approach to Beviamo happened during the summer of 2011 when, after a few chats with Mike, I supported him with some translations and conversations in Italian. I thought straight away that it was a fantastic plan, something finally different in the world of catering and food industry…

Share in our passion – want to work with us?

We are keen to work with food buyers from all sectors of food service. Whether you are the owner of your own deli, restaurant, coffee shop or a buyer for a national chain of stores or food service, we want to work with you. Our aim is to be the “go-to” Italian food company. We can supply you with quality products from our existing range, or find you something new or unique for your customers.

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