How it works – Beviamo bring the most innovative Italian brands into the UK

Beviamo work as consultants for the brands in our portfolio offering a bespoke solution for each brand. Our number one task is to get the brand a distributor, retailer in the UK and emerging markets. We now have great contacts in Romania, Middle East, China, Hong Kong and the USA.

What do we offer the brands?

A fully tailored solution for each brand, focusing on the following:

  • Production site visits where required
  • Regular attendance at shows in Italy
  • Market Research in target country
  • Full labelling and packaging review to make sure it adheres to regulations
  • Tasting reviews
  • Advice on target sales channels
  • Advice on sales to emerging markets globally
  • Support on social media
  • Support with sales shows in target countries.
  • Weekly progress reports

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What do we offer the buyers?

  • Innovative and Quality products from the Italian brands
  • Dual language support
  • Private Label and NPD experience, in case this is required
  • Full training available on any product
  • Menu and recipe advice
  • Social Media collaboration
  • Sales shows and event support
  • Marketing materials and samples easily available
  • Full of support of Beviamo for the lifetime the product is listed with the buyer
  • Technical Specifications including Nutritional Values and Allergens will be provided
  • Find potential customers for buyers, generate interest and leads where possible for our target customers