Meet the team – Specialists in sourcing traditional, artisan Italian products

Team Beviamo

Beviamo has an enviable reputation. As a team we work hard to bring our clients a service that is second to none.
All three of us offer unique skills and when placed together we create a powerful team. Plus we all get on so well that it's fun to work together. Every day is different and exciting as we continue to grow as a business. Meet the people behind the Beviamo name.
Mike Williams

Mike Williams

Mike is the Director and brings everyone and everything together. Passionate about the brands we work with and completely focussed on being the number 1 business selling high end Italian food in the UK. Mike is the ‘can do’ member of the team, having a unique ability to come up with a solution for (almost!) anything.

Cristiano Marzolli

Cristiano Marzoli

Cristiano is the key to the brands we work with. A true Italian in every sense, Cris has a knack of sourcing the best brands in Italy. Cris instantly creates a fantastic rapport with our Italian suppliers and UK customers alike. He never ceases to amaze us with some of his innovative and creative ideas!

Lysa Williams

Lysa Williams

Lysa is the person who keeps everyone grounded, ensuring that the Beviamo vision stays on track. Sharp and incisive, Lysa has a way of getting straight to the point and her recommendations have been invaluable. Highly organised with a strong attention to detail, Lysa provides structure and focus to the Beviamo team.

When I first mentioned my idea for importing high end, gourmet Italian food and drink, Lisa thought I was crazy. But once I started explaining how it would work and the products we would sell, she soon understood that the passion and knowledge we have would be key to our success. Once Cristiano came onboard I knew that we were on to something. Without compromising, we started to find the best suppliers of gourmet, artisanal, innovative products. We visited shows in the UK and Italy and visited many suppliers to see how they made their products. Now we work with undoubtedly many of the leading producers in Italy, we are one big family, with the same goal and vision, to allow consumers in the UK to have a true taste of the best of Italy. And our tag line sums up for all of us, what we are about. We believe there is always a space for excellence.
Mike Williams – Director
Beviamo to me is a way of combining three areas which I am extremely passionate about. Italy, Food and Business. Having managerial roles within manufacturing, legal and IT sectors, I bring business acumen and strategic direction to the company. But there's much more than that... My love of Italy began many years ago, originally through fashion and the arts, however, I truly fell in love at first site when I was fortunate enough to visit Venice in 2005. I have since visited at least 25 different places and continue to study about Italian history and culture. A keen home cook, having begun in my late teens by following recipes handed down through my family, I explored different cuisines and recipes, not always ending in success! Despite my home attempts, I do receive great praise for my cooking. The Italian traditions of home grown produce and simple recipes that contain quality, fresh produce mirror my own family traditions. I have even attempted once or twice to create a cooks garden (it turns out that I am not very green fingered!). I love dining out with family and friends and have experienced Michelin star restaurants through to Italian street food. My passion for all these things, I believe, add to the unique family business that is Beviamo.
Lysa Williams – Director
My first approach to Beviamo happened during the summer of 2011 when, after a few chats with Mike, I supported him with some translations and conversations in Italian. I thought straight away that it was a fantastic plan, something finally different in the world of catering and food industry. After I quit with my previous experience with Restaurants as a Manager, I fully took the opportunity I have been given and I started working full time to this fascinating project. Blending my Italian background and experience in the food industry with the knowledge and passion for Italian food of Mike, we took the first steps together. The aim has always been to find the best authentic and regional products that my mother land produces like nowhere else in the world. I feel privileged to have the chance to work in a healthy and familiar company. I can travel a lot both in UK and in Italy and I have the chance to meet Company owners and famous Chefs. I can not complain. I do not want to sound presumptious but we honestly bring to the UK market what the best Italy has to offer.