Antica Dolceria Bonajuto make the most wonderful “dark” chocolate using techniques that were first used by the Aztecs hundreds of years ago.

When we first started our business in 2011, Bonajuto was top of the list of brands we needed to work with. From the first moment we contacted Bonajuto we knew that the owner Pierpaolo shared the same passion for his products as we did. Pierpaolo could not help enough and sent us samples and information about his chocolate. Once we tasted it we knew we had a product that summed up our ethos. Quality without compromising, by using the techniques passed down through the generations of Bonajuto, the product has remained the same for over 130 years.

Bonajuto is available in different sizes, styles and flavours, simply chocolate, sugar and spices, with nothing artificial. The chocolate is cooked at a low temperature and is really classed as raw. This way of cooking means the chocolate keeps all the goodness in, without losing any of the healthy properties. Dark Chocolate is high in vitamins and minerals, is good for the heart, brain, and is full of antioxidants. But don’t just take our word for it, Bonajuto chocolate is available to buy online in the UK by clicking the link below:

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Beviamo are not the only people in love with Bonajuto, many famous people have made the pilgrimage to visit Modica, just to taste their wonderful chocolate. Gary Rhodes, Giorgio Locatelli, Matthew Fort, David Lebovitz, Angelika Tasken and the author of “Chocolat” Joanne Harris are all huge fans.

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…chocolate of astonishingly pure, powerful flavor…The New York Times