When it comes to making ice cream and ingredients for baking, Comprital are really in a class of their own. They can offer the complete solution for ice cream makers.

But they are not finished there; they have made a fantastic range of pastes that can be used in baking as well. Comprital have 2 ranges of pastes, a classic line and a Giubileo line which uses the highest quality ingredients like DOP Bronte pistachios and IGP Hazelnuts.

As well as their amazing products, Comprital have designed a machine to dispense the famous Gianduiotta cream which is a soft cream of chocolate and hazelnuts which can be used in cones or on ice cream and is a perfect machine for coffee shops, chocolate shops and ice cream parlours. The “Smart” mini cream dispenser is brand new to the UK market and is available from May 2014 and can be purchased in different ways depending on your budget.

How we sell it

  • Our products are available for food service, to bakers, pastry chefs and ice cream makers.


  • Pastes
  • Fruit Sugar
  • Toppings
  • “Smart” cream dispenser

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