Tomatoes play a huge part in the food and culture of Italian food, from sauces, to pizza toppings; they are synonymous with the cuisine of Italy.

So when we decided to find a producer we wanted the best as usual and the only place to look was San Marzano in Campania.

Gustarosso is a cooperative of over 100 farmers from the San Marzano area, in Campania. They proudly look after the land throughout the year and when the tomato with its unique cylindrical shape is ripe (in the beginning of August), they pick it and bring to our table after a simple process of selection, boiling and packing. We are happy to sell the only DOP tomato recognised by law in the world.

The tomato San Marzano is protected by DOP, a law valid in Europe, which means that if you call a tomato “San Marzano” that tomato has to come from a specific area near Naples, from specific tomato seeds and has to be processed in a specific way. If you don’t follow these rules and you call your tomato San Marzano, you are operating outside the law.

Listed in the Slow Food Presidia, Gustarosso tomatoes’ intrinsic San Marzano characteristics are: distinctive sweet taste, very low acidity, rich flesh and bright red colour.

They are sold in many of the top stores in Italy including Eataly with 10 high end stores in Italy, 9 in Japan, 1 in New York and 2 on board of two prestigious cruise ships, the Preziosa and the Divina.

They are also used by the best pizza chef in Italy called Enzo Coccia at his Pizzeria La Notizia in Naples.

When making pizza bases, we recommend you use these tomatoes together with Molino San Felice flour to create stunning pizzas.

How we sell it

  • Superstores
  • Cash & Carries
  • Food halls
  • Delicatessens
  • Speciality food shops
  • Food service in 2550g tins


  • Passata 400g, 680g
  • Pacchetelle 800g
  • Datterino 400g, 800g
  • San Marzano DOP 400g, 2550g

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If you are going to make a pizza you need to listen to Enzo Coccia. The best pizza chef in the world uses Gustarosso San Marzano tomatoes to make his pizza sauce. The taste of these tomatoes is incredible, unlike any you have tasted before.