Hasta La Pizza

Now you can eat Pizza on a stick – Eat the unexpected!

Innovative, healthy, italian!

Hasta La Pizza is easy to prepare and even easier to eat. Its a pizza on a stick, nutritious and appetizing, its going to revolutionize the way we consume this traditionally Italian food.

From now on you don’t have to have your pizza sliced, Hasta La Pizza is a young, hip and ingenious reincarnation of pizza in the shape of an ice cream bar!

Hasta la Pizza is available in the classic flavours of margherita, ham and salami and there is also a sweet version with a chocolate hazelnut filling.

Hasta la Pizza is a fresh product directly out of the fridge. it can be prepared easily in the toaster, in the frying pan or in a normal oven. If you’re without a kitchen you can also put it on a radiator!

It is a snack for every moment in the day. In the office, while driving your car, at the park or at home on your couch.

How we sell it

  • Food halls
  • Delicatessens
  • Speciality food shops
  • Food service and HORECA


  • Rita (Margherita Taste) – High quality tomato and mozzarella make a soft and tasty filling.
  • Hamlet (Ham Taste) – Hasta la Pizza with mozzarella and ham is a perfect union of taste and smoothness.
  • Pedro (Pepperoni Taste) – Pepperoni sausage is made with 100% Italian meat.
  • Chuck (Chocolate Taste) – Made with a delicious hazelnut and chocolate filling.

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