We always wanted to sell olives, because we all like them in our office. But we were very dissapointed with the choice and quality of the olives we were offered.

But that all changed when we found Miccio. Based in Napoli in the south of Italy, Miccio choose the best olives, in particular the Nocellare del Belice and Nere di Gaeta olives. Using a new innovative technique the olives are washed multiple times in brine and checked each time for salinity. They are then packed in semi-rigid heat-formed packaging, keeping the olives fresh and maintaining the wonderful taste and smell.

The Nocellare del Belice (green whole olives) from Sicilia are becoming increasingly popular in HORECA. The Miccio olives are sweeter than normal green olives currently available in the UK.

The Nere di Gaeta (black whole olives) from Lazio are more bitter but still have an intense flavour.

Miccio also sell mixed pitted olives in oil and with various spices and vegetables, using an age old recipe. These olives are perfect for deli counters and HORECA as they are already mixed using the best ingredients. Miccio are very open to private label for any company or individual that wants its own olive brand.

How we sell it

  • Food halls
  • Delicatessens
  • Speciality food shops in small tubs and jars
  • Food service to be sold in bulk in large tubs


  • Nocellara del Belice
  • Nere Di Gaeta
  • Capricciosa Mixed Olives
  • Paesanella (Cracked olives from Sicily)
  • Lupin beans
  • Salted Capers

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2014 will be year of the Nocellara Del Belice olive, and where better to buy them than through Beviamo Ltd. Perfect for food service, delis and food stores, the Nocellara olive has the sweetest taste of all green olives.