Molino San Felice

One of our goals for 2014 is to find ingredients to create the perfect pizza. So the first product we needed to find was the perfect flour.

Molino San Felice activities in the field of milling wheat began in the mid nineteenth century in the town of St. Joseph Vesuvius and expanded in 1954 with a to factory site in Cimitile, a small town that is still the current production site.

Using only grains of the highest quality, Molino San Felice produces a wide variety of flours, differentiated according to use and in particular in accordance with what is called the “strength” of the flour adapted to the different needs of bakery, pastry, cakes, pizza and fresh pasta.

Beviamo Ltd can provide the whole range of flours from Molino San Felice and you will find all their products in the brochure that you can download from our website. If you are interested in any other flour from this range please let us know and we can order it specifically for you.

Currently we are only stocking the STG Pizza flour. This flour is the only flour recognised for the STG certification as the flour to use the make the best Neopolitan pizzas. It is the first of Wheat flour 00 certified, complying with the characteristics specified in Regulation (EU) 97/2010 for the Production of “Pizza Napoletana STG”. Flour with high protein content obtained from a mixture of the best wheat grains.

We think that this flour will be a huge success in the UK to help chefs make the best Pizza bases. We recommend you use this flour with Danicoop San Marzano tomatoes or passata to make a stunning pizza sauce.

How we sell it

  • Food Halls
  • Delicatessens
  • Speciality food shops
  • Food Service to be sold to HORECA


  • STG Pizza 00 Flour
  • Various types of pasta and bread flour available on request

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If you are looking to make the “perfect” pizza then look no further than the Molino San Felice “STG 00” flour.