Monsù – The True Sicilian Gelato

Monsù – Excellence in Sicilian Gelato

Monsù is a small, family run company located in Palermo in the area that Goethe called the Valley of Gold, today renowned as “Conca d’Oro” for its abundance of oranges and lemons. The surrounding hills shelter Palermo from the South winds and the city, in turn, hugs the sea, the colour of which shifts between shades of cobalt and sky-blue as it influences the moods of its noisy inhabitants.

A great gelato is the result of wholesome ingredients and a precise and complex transformation process in which technology plays a decisive role, as does the experience of the master gelatiere. The production process is a key element in the product’s success and the innovation that Monsù has brought to its laboratories is its greatest guarantee of quality. Ingredients are selected and measured with great care following the original recipes conceived by our master gelatieri.

How we sell it

  • Food halls
  • Confectionery shops
  • Delicatessens
  • Speciality food shops

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The passion for our land, our family ties and the love for good food gave life to Monsù, a project that stretches over regional boundaries, the coast and the sea. Our island gives us delicious fruits.



This creamy and crunchy speciality arises out of the union of the gelato and Modica’s famous chocolate. It was the Spaniards that borrowed the secrets for cold processing of cocoa from the Aztecs and revealed them to the Sicilians during their sixteenth-century domination of the island. Today only the small city of Modica keeps this noble pastry-making tradition alive, turning it into a Mecca for devoted gourmets.

Milk chocolate in colour with delicious, intense, chocolatey aromas, typical of Modica’s chocolate. Full in flavour, with a luxurious smooth texture, enlivened by crispy chocolate drops.


This creamy and tasty dessert is the son of an authentic masterpiece of Sicilian pastry-making, the Cannolo. Originally typical of Carnival celebrations, it soon lost its seasonal character and evolved into one of the world’s most famous desserts. Rich but simple, it owes its goodness to the quality of the ingredients used: a crispy biscuit of fried dough with a tasty filling of sheep ricotta, garnished with crunchy chocolate drops and some soft candied fruits.

Its colour is authentic, white like ricotta, the main ingredient. Its soft and smooth texture is extolled by small pieces of Cannolo biscuit shavings and chocolate drops. Its flavour is intense, with a flirting sweetness balanced by discrete notes of flavour.


This speciality arises from a selection of the best Sicilian pistachios cultivated for centuries on Mount Etna’s black volcanic soils. These gems are sweet, delicate, aromatic and precious. Produced in small quantities through an ancient mountain agricultural tradition, they can be identified by their deep, green colour and hallmark light, pink veins.

Pale green tending towards beige in colour. A delicate, attractive, nutty aroma, typical of a natural product free of artificial additives. Soft, round, and lusciously smooth on the palate. Rich and flavoursome.


This soft and tasty speciality arises from the selection of the finest Sicilian hazelnuts, renown and appreciated the world over for their unmistakable aroma, their delicate flavour and persistent perfume. Traditionally used in Sicilian cooking, they are the foundation of many typical desserts from pasta reale to torrone.

Its colour is natural, pail beige. Its structure is curved and its consistency smooth. The flavour is that of toasted hazelnuts, sweet and fresh, with hints of bread crust and caramel. The aroma is delicate but full, typical of a natural product made without artificial aromas.


This creamy, tasty speciality arises from a selection of the best Sicilian almonds, originating in the surroundings of the tiny village of Avola. Energizing and with anti-inflammatory properties. Almonds are one of the principal ingredients in Sicilian pastry-making; from the marzipan-based frutta martorana to the ever-present confetti with which Sicilian families celebrate important occasions.

Pale cream in colour with delicious, sweet almond aromas. Intense in flavour, with a soft, smooth and creamy texture and a long, lingering aftertaste.


This cool and delicious sorbetto arises from the selection of the finest Sicilian strawberries and wild strawberries. Fleshy, delicate and fragrant, these little fruits attract your gaze for the decisive red colours that cheer the view; they inebriate with their intense perfume and delight with their unique flavour.

The clear and elegant colour indicates the naturalness of the raw materials used and the absence of artificial colours. Its delicate opening cue as it enters the mouth is a prelude to surprising fullness and persistency. Very aromatic, its sweetness is well harmonised by a balanced acidic note that leaves the mouth fresh and clean.


This cool and delicious sorbetto arises from the selection of the finest Sicilian lemons. Brought to Sicily by the Arabs in the far-off 10th century, the lemon is one of Sicily’s most widely recognised symbols that has enchanted travellers from every era and place. The most classic expression of this admiration is in the verses of Goethe’s poetry when he defines Sicily as “the land where lemon trees bloom”.

Characterised by a strong but well-balanced acidity, this sorbetto is thirst-quenching and full of aroma, with a long aftertaste that leaves your mouth clean and pleasantly refreshed.


The mint granita is a classic of the Sicilian pastry-making tradition. Fresh and thirst-quenching, it comforts in the summer heat. Sweet, but well balanced with its balsamic note. Aromatic with a decisive flavour, it leaves the mouth fresh and clean, with a pleasurable, long-lasting sensation.


The lemon granita is a classic of the Sicilian pastry-making tradition. Born from the selection of the best Sicilian lemons, this granita is characterised by a strong but balanced acidity. Thirst-quenching and aromatic, it has a decisive and fresh flavour. Its aftertaste is long-lasting and clean.