Pasta Garofalo

PASTA GAROFALO is unique because it makes pasta as it should be done. Pasta cuts are not all the same and Garofalo knows that well; each cut has its specific texture, its specific colour, its specific porosity and therefore, its specific treatment. Every pasta cut made by Garofalo always starts from the best possible raw material.

Garofalo History and Knowledge

The history of Garofalo is strongly linked with the history of Gragnano, the town near Naples chosen as the home land of pasta thanks to its geographical position; ideal for pasta making because of the local spring water and the passing winds which made Gragnano a huge open air drying system, perfect for drying pasta dough.

In 1789 the name Garofalo first appeared when it obtained the license for the production and sales of high quality pasta. Garofalo soon became the most important pasta manufacturer in Gragnano with its two plants, one for long pasta cuts and the other short pasta cuts.

Over 200 years of experience are huge advantage in pasta making for Garofalo; second and third generation workers have incorporated decades of knowledge in the art and skill of pasta making, artisan first then industrial later.

Raw materials

Pasta is made from two simple ingredients; durum wheat semolina and water. With only two ingredients it would be difficult to make a premium top quality pasta if the best wheat was not used. All Garofalo’s wheat pasta is made using robust durum wheat semolina. The result a pasta high in protein that resists over cooking and retains the al dente texture should a few minute accidentally get added to the cooking time.

Bronze Die

Garofalo pasta is made using a bronze die, which is the original way to extrude the dough to make the different pasta cuts. Bronze dies have been used since the 1700, long before today’s alternatives of Teflon and plastic dies existed. Pasta made using the traditional bronze die has a slightly rough texture and a porous surface that holds the sauce. At Garofalo the different dies create 76 different pasta cuts.

Garofalo Pasta Range:

Under the Garofalo brand umbrella there are 6 ranges of Garofalo pasta:

Traditional Pasta

Made with only high quality durum wheat semolina and formed using a bronze die.

Organic Traditional Pasta

Made with only organic high quality durum wheat semolina and formed using a bronze die.

Organic Whole Wheat Durum Wheat Pasta

Made with unprocessed organic whole durum wheat, its natural bran, germ, fibre, vitamins and minerals remain intact, giving many health benefits.

Kids Pasta

La Giostra dei Bambini (Children’s Carousel) pasta is made using organic durum wheat semolina and has all the quality, taste and nutritious benefits, which Garofalo pasta is known for. The pasta is high in carbohydrates, protein and fibre, perfect for active, growing children.

Gluten Free Pasta

Made with corn flour, brown rice flour and quinoa the result, a gluten free pasta for all to enjoy, and not just those on a Gluten Free diet. There are 8 Interesting shapes to choose from.

Gluten Free Legumes and Cereals Pasta

The legumes, chickpeas and lentils are packed full of nutrients and are both high in vegetable proteins. The addition of 5 cereals, including 4 ancient grains, creates a pasta that is not only tasty and a source of energy but delivers many health benefits and is also gluten free.

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The strength of Garofalo is the ability of preserving this artisan knowledge on an industrial scale. This is its uniqueness, the feature that makes Pasta Garofalo different from every other pasta