Pastificio Dei Campi

The town of Gragnano in Campania, has been synonymous with the best dried pasta ever since I became interested in Italian food.

When we wanted to sell the best pasta in the world there was only one company that we wanted to work with. Established in 2007 Pastificio dei Campi is the only company in Italy producing IGP 100% Italian pasta, fully traceable from the field to the table.

IGP pasta has to use durum wheat and water from Gragnano and must be produced in Gragnano. Pastificio dei Campi has gained this coveted IGP status and decided sell this pasta in innovative packaging with distinctive branding, to warrant pasta of this quality.

Beviamo made a special trip in 2011 to meet with the owner Guiseppe Di Martino. Guiseppe is a visionary when it comes to producing and marketing his amazing pasta and we knew that we were in very special company. Guiseppe gave us the opportunity to sell his pasta brand in the UK and we have never looked back. We sell Pastificio dei Campi in high class delicatessens and food halls and to gourmet food service. Once you try this pasta you will appreciate that you are tasting something very special, a bronzed pasta that is the heart and soul of Italy.

Further information

The pasta is unique in that it comes in 3 different sizes that are perfectly portioned.
We sell 125g Boxes for one person, 250g “Duette” for 2 people and the 4/5 portion 500g boxes. There are over 100 shapes of Pasta available, some of it subject to minimum order quantities. Beviamo stock the best sellers, but we are happy to order different shapes if needed.

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Giuseppe Di Martino is a genius pasta maker, creating a brand of pasta that would

not be out of place on any lunch table in the world.