Good Italian tomatoes since 1934. We take care of the environment, we take care of you.

Steriltom is a family company totally owned by the Squeri family. The Squeri’s have been working in the tomato industry for four generations.

  • Steriltom is the only tomato company specialized in Tomato Pulp for the Horeca and Industrial channels
  • Thanks to its specialisation, Steriltom has become the worldwide leader in the Tomato Pulp market for the Horeca and Industrial channels
  • Steriltom is situated in the centre of the Province of Piacenza, the leading area in Northern Italy for the production of tomatoes

Sustainable Agriculture – 100% Italian Tomatoes

Steriltom’s entire production is concentrated in its plant in Casaliggio, right in the heart of the Province of Piacenza. This proximity of tomato farmers and our transformation site results in:

  • Excellent quality of tomatoes which are unloaded at the plant without undergoing the trauma caused by long journeys
  • Lessenvironmentalimpact
  • A positive collaboration with farmer organizations in the territory in order to choose the best varieties of tomatoes
  • Joint projects and investments with local farmers to ensure a supply of high quality tomatoes using the latest technological innovations
  • Moreover, a relevant part of Steriltom’s processed fresh tomatoes comes directly from fields owned by the Squeri family. Dario Giuseppe Squeri has been cultivating this land personally since the early 1900’s.


What we sell

Tomato Pulp

Fresh and aromatic. Tasty and healthy. The perfect base for every type of preparation.

An alchemy that tastes like freshness. To produce our Tomato Pulp, fresh tomato is steamed, extruded and drained until an aromatic tasty product is obtained. The size of tomato pieces is 10×10 mm, the perfect measure for the customer who wants to see and taste the fresh tomato piece, without this being intrusive or awkward in the mouth. Suited to both Food Service and Industrial channel, it is the perfect base for every type of preparation.
Steriltom polpa

Pizza Sauce

The key to a tasty pizza.

Pizza sauce is a tomato semi-concentrate (brix 12/14) with peels and seeds, a great base for pizza, tasty and versatile. Meant for pizza professionals who want a product to dilute, sacrificing a bit of freshness. It combines a strong taste with high-level performance thanks to higher brix grade. Plain Pizza Sauce allows to give customers a product according to their needs and the final recipe.
Steriltom pizza sauce

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steriltom tomatoes
steriltom tomatoes

It’s difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating a homegrown tomato – Lewis Grizzard