Tutto Bene

Tutto Bene. All good for kids. All good for you

Having established itself as the UK’s foremost Italian food and drink importers and consultants, Beviamo Ltd, is, for the first time, launching its very own brand, Tutto Bene.

Tutto Bene is a brand new, delicious and uniquely Italian range of food products for kids and, being ‘Tutto Bene’, it’s, quite literally, ‘all good’ too, being made from authentic, natural, gluten free Italian ingredients, capitalising on the benefits of, and demand for, a healthier Mediterranean diet.

The first Tutto Bene producs to launch, in the shape of yummy Italian grissini (breadsticks), will be aimed at toddlers:

  • Organic mini grissini in 3 flavours: Tomato, Purple Carrot and Broccoli & Pumpkin.

There will also be a further 2 products launched in 2017, aimed at parents who want to inspire their children to eat healthily, whilst spending quality family time in the heart of the home – the kitchen.

These products will be launched within the Tutto Bene ‘Let’s Make it’ range and will consist of:

  • Pasta made with 100% legumes in 3 varieties: Organic Yellow Chickpea Pasta Twirls (made with 100% Organic Chickpea Flour), Organic Green Pea Pasta “Quills” (made with 100% Organic Pea Flour), and Organic Red Lentil Pasta “Curls” (made with 100% Organic Red Lentil Flour).
  • Quinoa Mini Burgers in 2 varieties: Mini Italian Quinoa Burger with Rice, Mini Italian Quinoa Burger with Lentils.

Then, over the next 3 years we aim to launch two products a year, creating a range of six innovative, healthy food and drink products targeting a wide range of age groups from weaning to the lunchboxes and convenience needs of older kids.

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We thought long and hard about the food and drink sector we wanted to enter and it was a unanimous decision to focus on healthy snacks, sweets and drinks for young children aged 18 months and beyond to make a difference to the way our children eat.