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Tutto Bene: Tasty Italian food for all the family

A UK-based food importer and first-time father has been inspired to develop his own range of organic Italian food and drink products suitable for all the family following the birth of his daughter.

Mike Williams has partnered with his wife Lisa and Milano-born Cristiano Marzoli to create Tutto Bene – a brand-new, delicious and uniquely Italian selection of snacks and simple cookery kits that children and adults can enjoy together.

Made in Italy from authentic and natural ingredients, with no added salt or sugar (as well as no additives or preservatives), the Tutto Bene range is quite literally ‘all good’.

“I have always been fascinated with Italy, and I have been a sales agent or direct importer for various premium Italian food and drink brands for the past six years,” says Mike, who is the Director of Beviamo Ltd.

“Our daughter was born in 2015, and when she started weaning, I realised that there was a gap in the market for healthy Italian snacks that were suitable for toddlers, young children and adult family members to enjoy together.

‘Cristiano, our Head of Purchasing, has carefully selected trusted and ethical Italian producers for us to partner with, who grow naturally good organic ingredients.

‘Working with expert child nutritionists, we have designed an exciting new product range that fills the niche, and that we – as a family – can all enjoy together!”

Tantalising options include Tutto Bene’s Organic Mini Grissini, which are authentic Italian breadsticks that are available in either tomato, broccoli and pumpkin, or purple carrot flavour – suitable for all ages from 12 months-plus.

“A tasty snack you can enjoy on the go, our Organic Mini Grissini are also the perfect accompaniment to soups and dips,” explains Mike, who lives in Cheshire.

“Our pasta range is a great source of energy not only for adults, but their lively youngsters, as it is made with 100 percent legumes that are naturally rich in vitamins, minerals and protein.”

The ‘Let’s Make It’ pasta and burger kits are also ideal for engaging young children in food preparation and cooking.

“We love the culture of long and leisurely meals that Italy is famous for, but we understand that UK life can be fast-paced and demanding – particularly for parents of young children,” explains Mike.

“The ‘Let’s Make It’ range allows families to cook together in a quick and easy way, but that also guarantees good nutrition and amazing taste experiences!

‘Those who are looking for a healthier alternative to meat or a takeaway will love our mouth-watering vegetarian Mini Italian Quinoa Burgers with Rice or Lentils.”

Two loveable bears – brother and sister ‘Tutto’ and ‘Bene’ – feature on all of the product packaging, which is designed to appeal to families with young children, while the green, white and red colours reflect the brand’s authentic Italian heritage.

Tutto Bene welcomes distribution and stockist enquires from major health food and drink wholesalers, through to individually-owned cafés and farm shops. The carefully curated range is set to continually expand, with additional products being prepared for market.

For interview, photographic and review sample enquiries, please contact Michelle Ewen on 07790 497002 or email pr@tuttobeneworld.com

Please visit www.tuttobeneworld.com for more information.
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tuto bene logosTutto and Benetutto bene grissini

Tutto Bene Organic Mini Grissini

tutto bene pasta

Tutto Bene ‘Let’s Make It Pasta’ Range

tutto bene quinoa

Tutto Bene ‘Let’s make it’ Mini Italian Quinoa Burgers