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How Beviamo Started July 2012

Welcome to Beviamo Ltd, the new company in Cheshire selling the best Gourmet Italian Food and Drink. So how did we start and what made was the catalyst for the incarnation that is Beviamo Ltd. Well myself Mike Williams the director had always had a passion for all things Italian going back to when I was a child and I used to read the guides my grandparents had brought home from their travels in Italy. I was obsessed with the art, culture, food and football. It seemed a million miles away to a 6 year old but I think something stuck with me, something that stirred when I got older. As a 10 year old I was wearing an Inter Milan kit thanks to a gift from my grandparents, I did ask for Juventus but hey I was not complaining. At this time it was difficult to get kits from European Teams, so I was chuffed to bits to have an authentic football kit.

Later in life when I was planning the honeymoon for me and my bride to be I was determined to try and influence where we went. But it was an easy sell, as soon as I mentioned going on a 3 week tour of Italy,  my fiancée who is now my wife and director Lysa Williams, was 100% convinced it would make a perfect honeymoon destination. And what a honeymoon it turned out to be, starting in Venice, and on to Florence, Rome and then Ischia. Everything about the country was all I thought it would be and more, even the way they said honeymoon “luna di miele” was so wonderful.

So after tasting the food & drink, soaking up the culture and art, I was already beginning to work with the seeds of an idea. When I got home I was disappointed to find that I could not get hold of the amazing food and drink. So I thought, why not try and import the products myself……….The rest is history, but read the next blog to see how we managed to work with such fantastic suppliers.