Working with Allegrinitaly

Early 2013 we decided that we wanted to assist Allegrinitaly in the re-packaging of their wonderful Taralli snack. The product was fantastic but we realised that there were minor issues with the original packaging and the English wording.

Our process

Cristiano translated the Italian descriptions for all the products we wanted to sell in the UK. Using our knowledge of the UK consumer industry we totally re-worded the information on the products. We wanted our customers to have confidence in the products and to understand fully the flavours and ingredients.

Allegrinitaly were delighted with the product information and totally backed the decision to change the words and the packaging. We wanted the products to stand out more on the shelves and also to have more of a quality feel. Allegrinitaly really understood our brief and came up with a beautiful bag that looks great and is more robust than the previous bags.

We immediately had an increase in sales and all our customers of taralli from Allegrinitaly were delighted with the new product. We loved working with Allegrinitaly to update their wonderful products and make them more amenable to the UK consumer and we are sure our customers will agree, the end result is fantastic.

For Allegrinitaly we focussed on the following services:

  • Translation
  • Product Description
  • Packaging Consultation
  • Marketing Advice

Allegrinitaly - Taralli

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Project Details

  • Category: Translation services
  • Project Date: 01/22/2019
  • Client: Allegrinitaly
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