Services – We locate the very best Italian brands and promote them in the UK

Beviamo Ltd is a young dynamic company working in the food and drink industry. Our mission is to find the best brands in Italy and promote their products in the UK.

We only work with the best producers and continually research every region of Italy to find the hidden gems. Visiting food and drink shows in Italy is crucial to our success, as is visiting our producers. We realise that visiting the factory or production line of the brands we work with is paramount for creating a wonderful working relationship. We are like one big family, fully supporting each other, and all of us working to the same goals.


We can act as a UK wholesaler, importing products and keeping stock in the UK. From our stock we can service customers anywhere in the UK. We work closely with our customers and see what they require and advise on products to suit their business. We sell retail products and wholesale products allowing us to work with a large, diverse range of customers. We work with major food halls, through to small restaurants and have a range of products to suit everyone.

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Sales Agent

Sometimes it makes more financial sense to work with our brands as a Sales Agent. This happens when big quantities are required and to keep competitive, we act as an intermediary. We work with the producer in Italy and the buyer in the UK and make this a seamless process, giving advice, providing information, samples and any translations that may be needed.

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Product Development

One of the areas where we excel in is Italian product development. What this means is that we can work with companies/chefs who would like to have Italian products but under their own label. Beviamo would advise on product selection and work with the brand in Italy for samples, prices, technical specifications and labels. Once the products are ready we can work as the exclusive wholesaler of the new brand and assist with the sales and marketing.

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Being from the UK, we understand our market and we understand how to make sure the brands we represent are supported in the right way. We will look at shows, magazines, online blogs, reciprocal links etc and give our brands a recommendation about where they need to focus their marketing budget, to increase UK sales.

Some chefs need to know more about the products to have information on the Menus and we can assist with the wording and descriptions.

We are working closely with chefs who are interested in endorsing some of our brands, this means we have to fully understand what is required from the chef and how it will increase sales for the brands’ products.

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Use our expertise to guide you on the best Italian products available. Mike Williams – Director.