Consultancy – Beviamo have the necessary expertise to promote your product

Menu development

Chefs need to continue to experiment with new innovate food and ways of making great dishes. Restaurants need to continue to evolve and offer new exciting menus.

Beviamo can work with chefs and restauranteurs to advise on the products we sell and to understand how they can work with their current menu. We can assist to create new menu items and source products that chefs need for their ideas. We would love to meet with chefs, cooks, bakers, in fact anyone who makes food stuff and wants to use the best of Italian products.

Product endorsement

Sometimes it’s necessary to use a famous chef endorse a product to help promote it in the UK.

That’s where Beviamo come in. We can evaluate a product from one of our brands and see which chefs, patisserie chefs and bakers could possibly work alongside us and the brand in question.

Let’s talk

The marriage of tradition and innovation is what makes Italy unique in the culinary world and Beviamo are able to use their knowledge to offer a valuable consultancy service.