Sales agent – From sourcing in Italy, to delivery in the UK, Beviamo offer a complete service

Sometimes it makes more financial sense to work with our brands as a Sales Agent.

This happens when big quantities are required and to keep competitive, we act as an intermediary. We work with the producer in Italy and the buyer in the UK and make this a seamless process, giving advice, providing information, samples and any translations that may be needed.

We approached Ritter Courivard with a view to selling our range of Olives from Miccio. Ritter Courivard stressed that they only worked directly with their suppliers. So as an experienced sales agent we assisted in brokering the relationship between Ritter Courivard and Miccio. 2014 will see Miccio’s olives being sold through Ritter to their customers across the UK. Beviamo were delighted with the success of this agreement as Miccio get increased sales in the UK and Ritter Courivard are selling the best olives from Italy.

Beviamo are comfortable working as Sales Agent with our brands, talk to us to see how this can work for your business.