Translation services – Beviamo have in depth knowledge of FSA regulations

We offer a translation service to our suppliers, where there is a requirement for products to have English information.

There can be occasions where there is a need to assist one of our brands with new or existing information. We will consult with the brands and advise on what the best approach is. One of our brands had an amazing artisanal product but wanted to change the packaging for a launch in the UK.

Beviamo and Allegrinitaly worked closely together to understand the key label and packaging requirements. We took the Italian wording and translated it perfectly for UK consumers and even added some pertinent information where it was needed. The end result is a fantastic product in great packaging and easy to understand information on the bags.

  • Translation
  • Food Standards Agency advice
  • Product description advice
  • Marketing consultancy

We ensure the Italian to English translation is perfect, speak to us to see how we can help.